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Reckon Accounts Plus 2022 Subscription

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Quick Overview

Timesaving features and powerful functionality make Reckon Accounts Plus accounting software a must for efficiency-minded businesses that manage inventory.

Reckon Accounts Plus 2022 Subscription

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Easy to set-up, learn and use

Reckon Accounts uses plain English and has an Easy Setup Wizard to get your business up and running within minutes. Reckon Accounts’ user-friendly home page ensures all frequently used activities and features are available within a few clicks of your mouse. Simply fill out familiar forms on your screen – such as cheques or invoices – and Reckon Accounts does the accounting for you.

Comprehensive payroll management via our PaySauce integration

We’ve partnered with New Zealand based payroll software company PaySauce. PaySauce is an easy and affordable payroll solution that calculates wages, PAYE, KiwiSaver and more. This partnership provides our customers with a comprehensive payroll solution and as such we will no longer be supporting payroll in Reckon Accounts from 1 April 2022. 

PaySauce is a true cloud solution that makes it easy to file with the IR and stay compliant with the latest payroll requirements. PaySauce’s powerful mobile app also lets you manage payroll on the go from your smartphone. You get all the benefits of integrated platforms and save time on manual data entry. 

Record, track and reconcile your inventory balance

Reckon Accounts Plus accounting software allows easy entry and tracking of all your inventory movements and costs.

Monitor business performance

Quickly view your business performance using the company snapshot tool. Customisable fields and graphs allow you to design a ‘snapshot’ that presents the most significant information that impacts your business decisions – with the ability to drill down into transaction, customer or supplier details. 
More than 100 reports and graphs can be generated within the Reports Centre to help you keep a close eye on your business. With just one click you can also drill down into reports to find detailed financial information. You can even convert the report into a PDF file for email, so the recipient views the report just as you see it in Reckon Accounts .

Manage your business more effectively

Reckon Accounts is much more efficient than spreadsheets, word-processing or paper ledgers. Quickly and easily manage basic tasks like printing cheques, paying bills, generating reports, invoicing customers and tracking expenses. You’ll spend less time and money on bookkeeping and paperwork – and have more time to work on other important areas of your business.

An ‘always on’ Audit Trail

The ‘always on’ Audit Trail makes it easier for your accountant to spot possible trouble spots or mis-postings in your accounts.

Work more efficiently with your accountant or bookkeeper

The Accountant’s copy of your company data file allows you to work more collaboratively with your accountant, with a dividing date that clearly delineates which periods are for your accountant to work in, and which are for you. Reckon Accounts also allows you to perform a bank reconciliation – even if your Accountant is working on your file.

Industry specific Chart of Accounts

Reckon Accounts also includes 21 industry specific Chart of Accounts, so only accounts relevant to your business are included.

Reckon Accounts home page

All key tasks and functions are available within a few clicks of the home page with the Customer, Supplier and Report Centres. You can also customise how information is displayed in each of these centres. Plus control access to your confidential account balances with the Reckon Accounts’Hide/Show preference. Simply switch your Account Balance previews to “off” to help ensure only you have access to your business’ confidential account balances.